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Target Markets

Hispanic Market

The U.S. Latino community is young, diverse and fast growing, currently 15% of the population and projected to reach 29% by 2050. Already an indelible presence in the American landscape, the impact of the Latino community on the nation's social, political, economic, business and educational domains will continue to expand and shape the future of our society.

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GLBT Market

Estimates suggest that as six million people in the U.S identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (GLBT). Despite societal practices that still deny GLBT individuals access to the same opportunities as heterosexuals, they have made remarkable progress in gaining acceptance and recognition as vital contributors to the health and well being of our nation. In politics, government, health care, education, business and in neighborhoods across the country, the presence of GLBT populations is becoming and increasingly common sight.

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Asian Market

As a relatively small community within the United States, Asian Americans garner less emphasis in the corporate sector than African Americans or Hispanics. However, data show that despite its size, the Asian-American community’s impact on consumer spending is significant.

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